Commercial Fleet Automotive Leasing

Our leasing programs are designed to:

  • Open-end lease plan designed to provide flexible financing options to commercial customers by allowing the customer to structure the lease to fit their needs (Term/Residual/Payment)

  • Provides alternatives for commercial customers who use vehicles requiring specialized equipment, high mileage or abnormal depreciation applications

  • Provides options to customers for vehicle disposal at end of term.


  • All vehicles are eligible

  • Terms and residuals tailored to meet your needs

  • No mileage, wear and tear stipulations

  • Potential Tax advantages


  • Vehicle(s) that are acquired for 50% or more of business use

  • All new cars, light duty and medium duty trucks

  • All Current Series Used and vehicles up to 2 years old

  • Up-fits are eligible

Lease End Purchase Price:

  • Guaranteed residual

  • 0% residuals are available

  • Security Deposit: None

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